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About Mo Ashraf
Mo Ashraf has accomplished over twenty-five years in the aesthetics industry as a teacher as well as having been one of the leaders in the fields of laser and collagen treatments in London. Having owned and managed two leading clinics, she was headhunted by one of the leading dermatologists to run operations and train in their branches and created a "total quality and safety " policy throughout all the branches. While working closely with well-renowned plastic surgeons in Dubai, Mo has gained a wealth of skills and knowledge which she now brings to NewLife Aesthetics providing a safe and honest approach, which she does by her continued research in the science and clinical studies of the latest aesthetic treatments and technology. She strives to maintain a high standard of quality, knowledge and safety. Mo Ashraf is the senior aesthetic therapist and holds the position of Managing Director at NewLife Aesthetics.


About Hannah Riley
Hannah is an academic high achiever who has pursued her passion for the Aesthetic and Beauty industry in which she has graduated with Level 2 and 3 from the London College of Beauty Therapy with a distinction. Hannah has joined Newlife Aesthetics to further put into practice her skills and experience for performing an array of aesthetic treatments and procedures. Along with being a highly skills practitioner she manages the clinics administrative and clerical duties as well as managing our client/customer relationships. Hannah is always delighted to discuss and consult with to ensure you receive the best possible service and treatment.

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